Complaints Treated

A range of complaints can be treated such as:

Initial consultation investigates the cause of the complaint. This is followed by a diagnosis and treatment plan . After care advice will also be given.

What to wear?

During your first visit, you will be required to wear shorts and a T-shirt so that the examination can be carried out.

How long is my first consultation?

The first consultation takes approximately 90 minutes during which information is obtained so that a diagnosis of the complaint can be made.

Medical and history about your health is taken relevant to your injury i.e. site of discomfort, aggravating and relieving factors.

Orthopaedic and neurological Testing

This assesses certain positions which aggravate the complaint including range of movement, palpation, muscle tests and provocative manoeuvres. A neurological assessment is done to see if there are any nerve impingements that  may be causing the pain.

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